Teaser for the Summer learning journey!

This is one of the teasers from the Summer Learning Journey. You have to choose which colouring book you want to colour online and choose which art you would like to colour in. I chose to do one called Building of ships in the coulouring book Ramadan and Eid. The creator of the painting is named Ibrahim Ismail. He made it in a place called Kuwait. I tried to make it look as similar as the real painting with only the colours I had and this is how it turned out!


One thought on “Teaser for the Summer learning journey!

  1. Hi again Stephanie,

    I love your picture. I had never heard of the artist or picture so I had to google it. You did a great job recreating this picture – Ka pai.

    I am really impressed that you have included some information about what you have learnt about the artist. Did you find anything else about the picture for instance, what inspired that artist, what does the painting mean to him?


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