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Kensuke’s Kingdom! Reading Task!

Last week we had to put on our blogs two of our Kensuke’s Kingdom reading tasks. Kensuke’s Kingdom is by Michael Morpurgo. One of my tasks was doing a book trailer with some kind help from Chantelle who was Michael’s Mum and also played a second role in our trailer as Kensuke. I also had Tharika in the Book Trailer she was the camera person, director and narrtor. I was the script writer and editor and I also played a role in the trailer as Michael. What I found easy was when we were filming it and what I found hard was the time we had to do it and editing it. We had filmed it the day before it needed to be due the next day so after a lot of hard work editing after and before school the next day it finally got finished. What I would like to work on for next time is getting the filming done quicker by not laughing and have to retake that scene as much. Here is my work!


Kensuke’s Kingdom – Create Reading Task!

Last week we had to create a TV interview in groups about interviewing a character from Kensuke’s Kingdom by Michael Morpurgo. I did it with Tharika who was the host and I was the special guest star – Mum from Kensuke’s Kingdom. What I found easy about this task was getting the filming done and what was harder was getting it onto the slide. What I would like to work on for next time is tryin to get it on the slide quicker and easier. Here is mine and Tharika’s work!

My Map! Rugby World Cup 2023 Teams!

For this Google My Map we had to put all of the 2023 RWC teams on and put with it the number of RWC appearences, the captain of the team, the best finish to date for them, two facts about that country, a picture of the flag and their RWC jersey! What I found hard was trying to put on all the correct facts and not accidentally put on false ones. What was easier was one you got the hang of it and finding more about the countries and was really fun and a bit easy. But I absolutley loved doing this task it was very cool seeing pictures and learning about other countries cultures and lifestyles. What I would like to extend on for next time is doing it a bit quicker and adding in a few more facts. Here is my work!

My Kensuke’s Kingdom Map!

We had to make a Google My Map of where Michael went on his journey in Kensuke’s Kingdom by Michael Morpurgo. What I found hard was trying to find what country everything was in and interesting facts for the places. What I found easier was finding the places and sharing my map because it was nice and easy and accesable to share and easy to search up the places. Here is my work. I loved making this map because it gave me a chance to learn more about other countries.  A next step learning fo rme would be to add more interesting facts into each place.

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