Summarising a movie trailer!

We have been summarising a movie trailer in class. It is about 12 boys and there coach that got stuck in a cave in Thailand and the cave was filling up with water because of an early monsoon. I found it pretty easy this time because we had done summarising a bit in the last few days but I found adding detail a bit trickier with the movie trailer. Here is the trailer, my bullet points for it and my summary.


Bullet points


My Taonga

Over the last few weeks we have been making taonga’s. A taonga can be made out of anything and it is something that is important to you or your whanau. There are lots of different shapes and meanings for diffrent types of taonga. We made them out of clay and then painted them with different shades of green. I did the shape Pikiroa (twist) and it was a lot harder then it looked! Here it is!


SLJ : Fluffy the Guinea Pig!

Today I did an activity from the SLJ (Summer Learning Journey). I pretended I was a class pet Guinea pig called Fluffy and chose what my favourite activity was! I chose Lake Brunner picnic because I thought it was a good, fun and intresting place for Fluffy to go to! Here are the text messages! Hope you like it!


Summer house: Kick start

I have made my own dream summer house! It has 3 storeys and is made out of nature matirials . I have made mine out of pollen and lavender coloured petals. It is sfe for the enviroment but its still fun and while your having fun you knoew that the bees and other insects re having a great time with the pollen and nature. In fact because the house is so kind to the animals the animals are kind and don’t get in the humans way! And here it is!! My dream summer house!!!


Summer Learning journey Trick shot: Kick start!

Hi this is the link to me doing my trick shot challenge. I chose to do the one with the paper towel roll. I didn’t have anything to put it on so I chose to use a stick some stones and a bucket. At first I missed it by a long way but by practicing and practicing and even changing the agles and lengths of everything I finally got it in! I was so proud of myself because I never knew I could even do that but with some work I did it! So what I learn’t was if I comit or put my mind to do something I can do it and persevere!!!!! Then at the end of it be PROUD!!!!

Teaser for the Summer learning journey!

This is one of the teasers from the Summer Learning Journey. You have to choose which colouring book you want to colour online and choose which art you would like to colour in. I chose to do one called Building of ships in the coulouring book Ramadan and Eid. The creator of the painting is named Ibrahim Ismail. He made it in a place called Kuwait. I tried to make it look as similar as the real painting with only the colours I had and this is how it turned out!


Hello world!

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